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Harley - our 1st Puppy

Harley - Our 1st Puppy

Our first Guide Dog puppy was born on the 20th August 2006 and is a yellow Golden Retriever Cross Labrador.

His parents are Windsor (Dad) and Annie (Mum) and he has a few brothers and sisters (wait for it .....!!) Polly, Pearl, Patty, Paula, Perdi, Pippa, Priory, Pepe and Piper.

Because this was such a big litter we were allowed to keep the name that was voted top by our customers - Harley.

Harley will be placed as near to Bristol (our office is in bristol) as possible, but at the moment is still with his mum Annie and brothers and sisters with Annie's volunteer 'holders' in Birmingham. (they look after guide dog mum as a pet, until she has to do the important job of having the guide dogs of the future!).

We will keep you informed of any updates and hope to be able to post more photos of Harley when he comes to visit.

Thank you all for your support and interest, we are now well on our way to providing our second Guide Dog for the Blind.

Pupdate 1!Pupdate 2!

Harley is now four months old!

Harley has been very busy, visiting local brownies and guide groups, as well as several local infants schools, so that the children can learn about what it take to become a guide dog. He also visits the local retirement home, where the residents love him; he even attended the local Remembrance Day service on one of his very first trips out in a baby sling!

Pupdate 3

Pupupdate 5 - Harley Aged 9 months

This is Harley at 9 months. - Not long to go until Guide Dog school!!!

He is doing very well with his training and has taken part in a Guide Dog training video for future use in pup training.

Harley paid a visit to see Rio our other sponsored puppy as she is with a dog walker who boarded Harley for 2 weeks. They enjoyed meeting and playing together.

Harley Aged 9 months